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the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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Sarah supports Reproductive Rights (x)

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no one will ever understand the deep fucking connection I have with this film

For real though

Ok guys I need to talk about this movie.

The Breakfast Club came out in 1985 and to this day is, in my opinion, one of the greatest damn movies ever to barely even have a script.

During the famous “dance” scene, Molly Ringwald, who played the “princess” Claire, was supposed to a small little dance by herself, but she was shy so all of them did some dancing together, creating one of the most famous film scene’s to date. It was improvised.

During the scene in the film where the characters sat down and told why they were there, there was NO SCRIPT. John Hughes told the cast to sit there and improvise why they thought their characters were there, creating that heart wrenching scene everyone could relate to.

EVERYONE can relate to this movie and thats the best damn thing. 

On March 24, 1984, five students entered a detention room thinking it was just another Saturday. Before the day was over, they broke the rules, bared their souls, and touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.


This movie is life. not even joking.

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Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a politician with Stretched ears!

I was watching the canadian house of commons (I run a canadian politics blog and have an interest in following this kind of stuff) and noticed that the NDP (opposition party) member, Rosane Doré Lefebvre appeared to have stretched ears (she was wearring ornate hanging jewellery like maya jewelry then) and she does. Based on the photos they look like 00g maybe.

Just thought I’d share this. Its not often you see this in public figures. Makes me want to stretch mine more now (mine are only at 12g). :D

I actually found one more with her wearing hanging jewellery:

Click here to view large size

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The progression of video games in a few decades.

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FUCK someone teach me know to crochet!!

I really wanna be the Addams family for Halloween this year but if Cameryn was going to be Wednesday there’s absolutely no way in hell she’d put a wig on. (Although the thought of it makes me laugh pretty hard) Then I thought about sewing pig tails on a head band but black pigtails would look weird against her blonde hair so THEN I got the bright idea to crochet a cap with pigtails at the bottom cuz she doesn’t mind keeping hats on but I’ll be damned if I can learn that by Halloween.




Parenting Done Right: Morticia Addams

The Addams Family (1991) dir. Barry Sonnenfield

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So Andrew and I were in the car today and he was like “if the maximum legal speed limit anywhere is like 80 then why do they make it possible for cars to do 100+? Why not just max them at 80?” I didn’t have an answer and that really fucked me up.



how many times do you think you’ve seen the same bird twice.

out of all the things on this website that have fucked me up this is one of the worst

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