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Michelle. 18. Licensed Cosmetologist. Taken as of August 28th 2011. Mommy to be<3 Loving every moment of life & I refuse to take anything for granted. Get to know me(;



i have the sex appeal of a walrus.

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Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”

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i frigging. LOVE my hair being touched sooo SO much and it never happens but oh ym god if you massage my  head and play with my hair i will literally start purring like a cat

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Men who can’t cook, clean, or even do their own laundry are not “cute” and “in need of a woman to care for them”. They are spoiled brats so dependent on gender roles that they never bothered to learn the minimal skills to take care of themselves.

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My goal is to be very, very cute but also very, very spooky

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Cards Against Humanity is where you learn which of your friends are basic and which ones are sociopaths there is no in between

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